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Life and Fitness with D. Banks

Let's Crush Some Goals

Sep 9, 2018

Lifestyle Coach Jordan Richardson and I discuss social influencers, making an impact, and developing your personal brand among other things! We talk a lot about personal development and I hope you can learn something from the conversation!

Aug 14, 2018

Check my latest podcast featuring Health Fitness Specialist training out of Equinox in Downtown Los Angeles, Eric Rokisky! We cover a wide range of topics including past college experiences, current training modalities, and even psychedelics!

Aug 8, 2018

If you have followed my content for any amount of time, you may have heard me mention once or twice, my life-changing internship experience at the Golden Door Spa.

Today's guest is none other than the Fitness lead the the Golden Door Spa Resort in San Marcos, California. The Golden Door is the world's top destination...

Jul 24, 2018

The Banks Audio Project was born out of a never ending quest for knowledge in fitness, health, business, and life. This podcast is a compilation of conversations I seek consistently to enrich my life and hopefully it can bring value to your life as well!

Jul 12, 2018

The Banks Audio Project was born out of my never-ending quest for knowledge and enriching conversations. I realized that much of what I ultimately shared with my audience was coming from the conversations, so I decided to cut out the middle-man and bring these conversations directly to my audience!

*Disclaimer* The...